Thursday, June 23, 2011

Please don't take my sunshine away


We took a chance naming our third baby “Sonny” crossing our fingers that he would be at least even tempered if not a happy baby. From the moment he figured out how to smile, he has been living up to his name ten fold. Our little “Sonny Delight”, sweet vanilla “Sun-dae” the sunniest “Sonny Shine”. I’m serious this kid never stops smiling. But without the experience of a mouthful of teeth under his belt, could he wear that title with pride? 

When he turned one and had still only sprouted two tiny bottom tooth razors, we knew it was only the calm before the storm. We had to prepare for the inevitable. We needed a plan of attack. His top teeth were coming, and soon. Just our luck it would be all at once!

The first order of business was infant pain reliever (check). Cooling teething rings were out since he almost never puts things in his mouth. But this time with the help of BlogHer, we decided to give Baby Orajel® Naturals a shot. When I say “this time" I mean that in the past I’ve figured that putting a topical gel on a baby’s sore gums is like putting a band-aid on a shark bite. A waste of time?? Well we were about to find out…

Once the nose and drool started running like a faucet we knew we’d reached the point of no return. Those suckers were on their way. I started slathering that gel like it was nobody’s business. At first Sonny was a little taken back by the unfamiliar clove flavor (and other all natural ingredients). Not unlike Mr. Ed with peanut butter, he’d curiously flip his lips around and then carry on leaving a snail trail of snot/drool across every inch of my living room. He seemed to be fairing well with the discomfort, and I was pleased that we were staying one step ahead of his pain.

Then the fevers came. Now I can usually expect a pretty low grade fever it the event of a tooth debut, but it was during one all night baby freak out (at a temperature of 104 degrees) we knew were dealing with more than just new teeth. We were. Double ear infection. Needless to say Sonny was far from smiley.

Doctor appointment, antibiotics, yaddi yaddi yadda…we are back on track our faith restored in the effects of poor little ole Baby Orajel® Naturals (who stood no chance against the exorcism of a baby with two infected ears). And while it doesn’t claim to be a miracle gel, I think that Baby Orajel® Naturals has managed to take the edge off the insistent pains of Sonny’s aching gums. With one tooth down, and probably 5 (in the near future) to go, we have been able to keep our little Sonny Bear his typical smiley self (which is more than I can say for our other two children in their teething trenches).  It has quickly become a trusty side-kick to his bubble gum pain reliever, and proved to be a great cushion to extending the life of Sonny’s afternoon naps. 

Soothed gums= long naps = happy baby= happy momma (that’s me :)

Now here's where you come in! I'd love to know...

When it comes to teething, how do you naturally soothe your baby?

From May 16th – June 16th  share your soothing tips in a comment here and you could win a $100 Babies “r” Us gift card from BlogHer!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Dikefest holidays 2010!

(my scanner is lame...sorry TP)

they're here they're here!!
(actually they came like two weeks ago but don't rush me)

My Tiny Prints holiday cards! I love them! and technology! and all of you!! They are truly (truly truly)...outrageous. I wish I had enough to send to every person I have ever known in my whole life. 

Wanna hear a funny story about their very helpful customer service?...

Ok, before you go to print you have to proof read (duh). Then you receive an email to sign off on the order before it does so. During that final step I found a "typo," so I replied requesting the spelling be changed on a particular word "I seemed to have overlooked." About 15 minutes later I got a personal phone call from the printing coordinator to tell me that it was spelled wrong initially, but they had (quietly) fixed it and sent it to me to sign off on for final print...I saw the (corrected) spelling and emailed them to change it, again! Anyway the girl was like (in the most polite way you could let someone know they were an idiot) "I googled it AND looked it up in the dictionary and it seems both agree that it should be spelled...the other way. But, just let me know how you'd like it to read...

So I was all "HA! That was just a test, and yooou passed it!!" (it wasn't. I'm an idiot)
My point? Even when you can't, the humans at Tiny Prints (vs. straight up computer orders at other companies) take the time to make it right so your family and friends don't think you're a dummy :)

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

tiny prints

Have I mentioned how terrible I am at sending cards or announcements? I have. 
But let me refresh your memory...I suck. 

But all is not lost!!

It seems just about every business provides holiday card services these days, and as convenient as it is to grab your card when your getting milk at walmart...Tiny Prints is even easier and WAY more adorable (unless you dig generic snowmen and ugly Santa clause faces). If the cuteness factor is as important to you as it is to me, you will totally appreciate the 5 star cuteness of their selection...and I assure you, you will find one you LOVE. There are SO many to choose from (33 pages to be exact) and they are all completely personalize-able and fantastic (ie: you don't have to settle for some cheesefest one liner)

Don't like the color scheme? Change it. 
Want to add more pictures? Done-zo. 
Want to do nothing and have it look adorable anyway? You got it.

Now for my favorite part: it is so easy peasy! One of the things I hate is when I go to upload a file and then it tells me my file size is too big. Then, after I punch myself in my A.D.D. face, I go try and shrink them all down but inevitably get sidetracked with another picture project and then my family gets their christmas cards in February (or never). Tiny Prints drag and drop convenience has wicked fast upload time and accepts individual files sizes up to 10MB. It will even tell you if your file is too small! (therefore avoid having your print look like pixelated crap) There are modern, trendy, and elegant choices for one and all. There are tri fold, circular and even pop up cards! 

So if this team can get our cards out on time this certainly can too. You won't regret it. I can't wait until mine come in the mail!! When they do, I will kiiick, stretch aaand KICK! ...and then you will all surely be cyber wished a Happy Dikefest 2010 :)

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J+W gallery

{shop J+W gallery}

is your outfit lacking character?
is your dog longing to feel fancy again?
do you wish you were crafty, but would rather just buy stuff?
...then behold our first team boo sponsor
where dog and floral lovers unite!

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goose and trisser

I love belts. 

If I could french kiss a belt, I would. Actually I guess I could, but it'd probably be pretty weird for everyone involved. So I guess I'll stick to french kissing humans. And when I say "humans" I mean this guy, and when I say "french kissing" I mean...making him fold the laundry.

am feeling a bit hypocritical posting a sponsor who sells hand crafted belts whileI myself am on a belt hiatus. As far as style....they are the "whipped cream" to a good dress (it's just the post pardum fat accentuation I don't love). And as far as my pants falling down, you're just rubbing it in. DAMN YOU WHIPPED CREAM...AND ALL THE DESSERTS YOU COMPLETE!! 

Are we still talking about belts? 

Fun fact about belts: Kiera Knightley occasionally wears them as a shirt(?) Or maybe i could give this a try

ANYway what I should be getting at is that there is nothing from stopping you from rockin' a sweet belt every now and again. And I vote we stick to good 'ole fashioned belting techniques. Without further adieu...belt away with our newest sponsor Goose and Trisser
team Boo 's you
(and belts...remember?)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Franco and Leks

who got shafted in my Project Boo contest...? Well let this be a testament to how freaking awesome and nice this girl is for Linsey has offered a custom t-shirt design to Project Boo's SECOND PLACE winner!!

And if that wasn't enough, for the rest of us Lindsey has offered a discount to any orders who mention "TEAMBOO" at checkout (off her already totally reasonable prices). If there were any way to gauge my spastic would be by its opposite in Lindsey's sweet counter of generosity.

So go check out Franco and Leks on etsy (cute name inspired by her niece and nephew) or visit her blog here. It is such cute and simple design with tons of adorable fabric and colors (and sizes) to choose from.

*Also, are we all SOOO sick of my posts on contests yet?? I assure you that it's better than me posting pictures of all the food stains on my bed...or the constellations I can make out of my pregnancy acne.

...hang in there friends.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wrap it up.

One of the easiest ways to personalize a party is to re-package your own candy.  Cellophane bags with cute paper stapled at the top is one of the fastest and cutest party favors.  Or, if you don't happen to live in the butthole of America like we do {ie. the temperature is reasonable where you live} you can use Chocolate bars! 
Images via Lovely Package

You could also save yourself the hassle {albeit minimal} and just order them from this charming little family owned cocoa company.

Friday, October 10, 2008

look ma, no Elmo!

It's a nationwide epidemic, and it needs to be stopped (grandmas are you listening?).  Like some urban mommy snobfest, we didn't want to have to register for our baby shower, but you've almost forced our hand (although, rest assured, we still won't be teaching our kids sign language...phew!)

Character clothing must be destroyed. I can't bring myself to buy tinker bell overalls for my daughter any more than i can line the back of my car window with neon carnival teddy bears...i just won't do it.  There are just too many cute things out there (and someday i just may be able to buy a few of them).  Until then, our family will stick to our uber conservative daily attire of pajamas, diapers and costumes.

*Clearly there is more to life than buying cute overpriced clothes, but it doesn't hurt to browse. So check out Nonchalant mom for more adorable geddups.

**(and keep Dora on your TV for heavens sake)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sweet "soup"

Inspired by my little super hero (and a talented artist i found on etsy), i painted this adaptation for my little "misther increble's" room. Unfortunately he has already moved on to his newest favorite super hero "Buzsth Lightgear".  

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ta da!

I am so in love with my new "ID" charms. A few posts back i posted about those fingerprint necklace charms, and then they went on sale, so i ordered two (for my two kids). The "kit" (don't be intimidated ...extremely simple) arrived in one business day, and after i mailed it back it arrived back to me just as fast.  I couldn't be more happy with it.  I told my husband had he thought of and surprised me with it I'd have cried fo sho! (but he didn't, so i didn't) but i love it, and him, just the same :)  

*sorry my camera blows and can't focus on a close up zoom.  If you want a better look at the charms, minus the stringy hair, click here (for all you lazies who don't want to just scroll down)

Monday, August 18, 2008

ummmm....that's cute.

photo by: nonchalant mom

You know those moms who are so annoyingly adorable you kind of want to...i don't know...steal their life (or at least their brain....okay and their skin).  Well, i must confess that i have a slight internet crush on this one.  I know this all sounds very Hand-that-Rocks-the-Cradle of me, but i think you will agree that Carina Schott who founded Nonchalant Mom, has an awesome website with all sorts of sweet products and ideas, and super cute blog to boot! 

Frankly, I hate/love her. She has my dream business: A laid back and modern collection of toys, clothes, vintage, and parenting ideas that i covet on every level.  Her home amazing home was also featured in Domino mag (another huge favorite of mine) a little while back.  Okay, so maybe i got sucked into the "competitive mothers" vortex, my admiration masquerading as psychosis, but for reals her site is browse worthy.  (also, please don't be scared of me :) 

images property of: nonchalant mom

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

know your ABC's

artwork by: Robin Rosenthal

Art is to a room as shoes are to an outfit:  any art will do, but special art can really make a space.  With kids rooms we feel more confidence to be more casual or even make our own! This site only has a few options, but i think these posters could be a sweet and simple pop of color to any "kid" space. 

Plus, kids will know you care about them when you teach them stuff (well kinda). 

Monday, August 11, 2008

sweet kid prints

I love little details like these.  I am definitely a girl who wears the same simple jewelry every day. I'd wear this.  (only i'd buy a cuter chain)

made, with your little munchkin's print, by Priceless Prints 
Find it here

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mom vs. Tinkerbell

Kids rooms are probably one of my favorite things to day dream about.  Same for my daughter. Therein lies the problem. I hate all things "themed" (other than parties), she likes all things Tinkerbell; aaaand wants a purple and green Tinkerbell monstrosity of a bedroom ("oh Disney...why do you torment me so!")  In a perfect world, my kids rooms would look more like these...

Oh happy medium speak to me!....(I'll keep you posted).

Friday, August 8, 2008

so simple!

I always marvel at the children of the world who don't mind a full cup of water being poured over their "tear free" shampoo infused hair. Oh how i envy the parents of these calm and wonderful "water tolerant" children.  On the flip side, bath time in my home is what one might compare to ...ummmm to explain ....being trapped in a Pterodactyl cage.

It all started with my daughters ear infections which bred her overwhelming fear of getting water in her poor ears.  After my son's close observation of her bath time meltdowns, i now have two children with this tendency.

So you can imagine my delight when i came across this amazing contraption.

They say you can't put a price on sanity....i say it's $5.99. May all our eardrums be spared!!