Thursday, December 2, 2010

goose and trisser

I love belts. 

If I could french kiss a belt, I would. Actually I guess I could, but it'd probably be pretty weird for everyone involved. So I guess I'll stick to french kissing humans. And when I say "humans" I mean this guy, and when I say "french kissing" I mean...making him fold the laundry.

am feeling a bit hypocritical posting a sponsor who sells hand crafted belts whileI myself am on a belt hiatus. As far as style....they are the "whipped cream" to a good dress (it's just the post pardum fat accentuation I don't love). And as far as my pants falling down, you're just rubbing it in. DAMN YOU WHIPPED CREAM...AND ALL THE DESSERTS YOU COMPLETE!! 

Are we still talking about belts? 

Fun fact about belts: Kiera Knightley occasionally wears them as a shirt(?) Or maybe i could give this a try

ANYway what I should be getting at is that there is nothing from stopping you from rockin' a sweet belt every now and again. And I vote we stick to good 'ole fashioned belting techniques. Without further adieu...belt away with our newest sponsor Goose and Trisser
team Boo 's you
(and belts...remember?)

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