Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Dikefest holidays 2010!

(my scanner is lame...sorry TP)

they're here they're here!!
(actually they came like two weeks ago but don't rush me)

My Tiny Prints holiday cards! I love them! and technology! and all of you!! They are truly (truly truly)...outrageous. I wish I had enough to send to every person I have ever known in my whole life. 

Wanna hear a funny story about their very helpful customer service?...

Ok, before you go to print you have to proof read (duh). Then you receive an email to sign off on the order before it does so. During that final step I found a "typo," so I replied requesting the spelling be changed on a particular word "I seemed to have overlooked." About 15 minutes later I got a personal phone call from the printing coordinator to tell me that it was spelled wrong initially, but they had (quietly) fixed it and sent it to me to sign off on for final print...I saw the (corrected) spelling and emailed them to change it, again! Anyway the girl was like (in the most polite way you could let someone know they were an idiot) "I googled it AND looked it up in the dictionary and it seems both agree that it should be spelled...the other way. But, just let me know how you'd like it to read...

So I was all "HA! That was just a test, and yooou passed it!!" (it wasn't. I'm an idiot)
My point? Even when you can't, the humans at Tiny Prints (vs. straight up computer orders at other companies) take the time to make it right so your family and friends don't think you're a dummy :)

team Boo 's you


Anonymous said...

I still see a typo! =(

teamBoo said...

I know! It's hard to catch it when it still spells a real word... Oh well :)

Michelle said...

what was the controversial spelling? And what is the typo that's still there?

(It's moments like these that I pretend not to be an english major)

theampleabode said...

Not sure just how I came across your blog, but I am officially a self proclaimed blogaholic! I love yours and especially love your mad creative skills and your fantastic holiday card! HOLLA! Keep on keeping on sis!

Tracy Haws said...

Merry Christmas! The pictures are turned out so wonderful and I've enjoyed catching up on your blog and learing about your AWESOME family. I wish we lived close and could catch up over, oh I don't know...something delicious, all the while are kids are reaking havoc somewhere else. My brother lives in Tucson, so maybe someday we can make it happen. Of course, if you want to take that Arizona hiatus, you are always welcome in Texas. ;)