Thursday, December 2, 2010

tiny prints

Have I mentioned how terrible I am at sending cards or announcements? I have. 
But let me refresh your memory...I suck. 

But all is not lost!!

It seems just about every business provides holiday card services these days, and as convenient as it is to grab your card when your getting milk at walmart...Tiny Prints is even easier and WAY more adorable (unless you dig generic snowmen and ugly Santa clause faces). If the cuteness factor is as important to you as it is to me, you will totally appreciate the 5 star cuteness of their selection...and I assure you, you will find one you LOVE. There are SO many to choose from (33 pages to be exact) and they are all completely personalize-able and fantastic (ie: you don't have to settle for some cheesefest one liner)

Don't like the color scheme? Change it. 
Want to add more pictures? Done-zo. 
Want to do nothing and have it look adorable anyway? You got it.

Now for my favorite part: it is so easy peasy! One of the things I hate is when I go to upload a file and then it tells me my file size is too big. Then, after I punch myself in my A.D.D. face, I go try and shrink them all down but inevitably get sidetracked with another picture project and then my family gets their christmas cards in February (or never). Tiny Prints drag and drop convenience has wicked fast upload time and accepts individual files sizes up to 10MB. It will even tell you if your file is too small! (therefore avoid having your print look like pixelated crap) There are modern, trendy, and elegant choices for one and all. There are tri fold, circular and even pop up cards! 

So if this team can get our cards out on time this certainly can too. You won't regret it. I can't wait until mine come in the mail!! When they do, I will kiiick, stretch aaand KICK! ...and then you will all surely be cyber wished a Happy Dikefest 2010 :)

team Boo 's you

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