Thursday, June 23, 2011

Please don't take my sunshine away


We took a chance naming our third baby “Sonny” crossing our fingers that he would be at least even tempered if not a happy baby. From the moment he figured out how to smile, he has been living up to his name ten fold. Our little “Sonny Delight”, sweet vanilla “Sun-dae” the sunniest “Sonny Shine”. I’m serious this kid never stops smiling. But without the experience of a mouthful of teeth under his belt, could he wear that title with pride? 

When he turned one and had still only sprouted two tiny bottom tooth razors, we knew it was only the calm before the storm. We had to prepare for the inevitable. We needed a plan of attack. His top teeth were coming, and soon. Just our luck it would be all at once!

The first order of business was infant pain reliever (check). Cooling teething rings were out since he almost never puts things in his mouth. But this time with the help of BlogHer, we decided to give Baby Orajel® Naturals a shot. When I say “this time" I mean that in the past I’ve figured that putting a topical gel on a baby’s sore gums is like putting a band-aid on a shark bite. A waste of time?? Well we were about to find out…

Once the nose and drool started running like a faucet we knew we’d reached the point of no return. Those suckers were on their way. I started slathering that gel like it was nobody’s business. At first Sonny was a little taken back by the unfamiliar clove flavor (and other all natural ingredients). Not unlike Mr. Ed with peanut butter, he’d curiously flip his lips around and then carry on leaving a snail trail of snot/drool across every inch of my living room. He seemed to be fairing well with the discomfort, and I was pleased that we were staying one step ahead of his pain.

Then the fevers came. Now I can usually expect a pretty low grade fever it the event of a tooth debut, but it was during one all night baby freak out (at a temperature of 104 degrees) we knew were dealing with more than just new teeth. We were. Double ear infection. Needless to say Sonny was far from smiley.

Doctor appointment, antibiotics, yaddi yaddi yadda…we are back on track our faith restored in the effects of poor little ole Baby Orajel® Naturals (who stood no chance against the exorcism of a baby with two infected ears). And while it doesn’t claim to be a miracle gel, I think that Baby Orajel® Naturals has managed to take the edge off the insistent pains of Sonny’s aching gums. With one tooth down, and probably 5 (in the near future) to go, we have been able to keep our little Sonny Bear his typical smiley self (which is more than I can say for our other two children in their teething trenches).  It has quickly become a trusty side-kick to his bubble gum pain reliever, and proved to be a great cushion to extending the life of Sonny’s afternoon naps. 

Soothed gums= long naps = happy baby= happy momma (that’s me :)

Now here's where you come in! I'd love to know...

When it comes to teething, how do you naturally soothe your baby?

From May 16th – June 16th  share your soothing tips in a comment here and you could win a $100 Babies “r” Us gift card from BlogHer!

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